geopathic stress after J Kopp

by Richard Creightmore

1 Definition and Overview
2 Medical Implications
3 Symptoms and Signs
4 Types of Geopathic Stress
5 History of Research
6 Conclusions
7 Sources and Bibliography


The word “geopathic” is derived from the Greek words, “Geo’ meaning ‘the Earth’, and “pathos” meaning ‘disease’ or ‘suffering’, so literally ‘suffering of the Earth’. The term ‘geopathic stress’ is used to describe negative energies, also known as ‘harmful earth rays’, which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above. Earth energies can be bad, good or neutral.
The surface of the earth is woven with a pattern of etheric threads identical in energy and importance to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. These are responsible for the health and growth of the natural kingdoms of the landscape, and any interruption to their strength and harmonious flow has subtle but profound effects upon the health of the local natural life.
The horror of Chinese geomancers at British attempts to construct railways across the Lung Mai or ‘dragon veins’ of their country resulted in a consortium of local businessmen buying and promptly dismantling the newly-completed railway line around Shanghai, in horror at the devastating impact it would have on the Feng Shui of the city.
In the British landscape, besides the obvious effects of environmental pollution, the etheric matrix suffers disruption and scarring from, for example, railway and motorway cuttings and embankments, bridges, quarries, tunnels, mines and underground bunkers, steel pilings, metal fence posts and road-sign stakes, buried gas, electricity and water mains, sewers, and building foundations.
The resulting etheric disharmony manifests as a lowered quality of the local natural life forces, often through the medium of what have been known in European geomancy as ‘Black Streams’ — local capillary meridians of energy associated with streams of underground water flow whose yin—yang balance has been distorted on the side of excessive yin. Ascendance of degenerative over generative and regenerative influences occurs in places lying directly over such streams. These “black streams” are known in the Feng Shui tradition as lines of underground “Sha” or toxic energy, in contradistinction to the “white streams” that carry healthy, generative and regenerative energy or “Sheng Qi”.
They may also however occur naturally, and a wide range of these and other naturally occurring energetic configurations in the landscape are known to have an influence on the quality of health of the local life forms.
Just as local geology determines the local soil and vegetation, and therefore the whole natural ecology of an area, so it also affects human consciousness. People who live and work on clay soils are different to those on chalk soils in their relationship to their environment; those in river valleys different from those on hilltops in their vision of life. Many of the centres of concentration of holistic thinkers in Britain today lie in sandstone districts, the higher quartz content of sandstone perhaps amplifying the spiritual possibilities of human consciousness. The anciently-venerated sacred places of Delos (Greece) and Deya (Majorca) are both set in rings of hills high in ironstone.
Granite districts are relatively high in non-corpuscular (natural) radioactive elements, such that the exposure to background ionising radiation of dwellers in moorland Cornwall or North-East Scotland is estimated at 25% above the United Kingdom national average, and 300% more for those who live in houses built of granite blocks.
Underground water streams, even when not ‘black’ or ‘Sha-bearing’, and geological faults are known to have an effect on the geomagnetic and etheric fields around them. The new science of geopathology is growing, initiated by the observations of dowsers and increasingly investigated by physicists and engineers, to the extent that much of the information is now couched in terms of electromagnetism.
The etheric earth forces have as a lower-octave reflex geomagnetic fields measurable with electromagnetic instruments. Where local disturbances in the geomagnetic flux occur, so-called areas of geopathic disturbance, there appears also some disruption to the biological regulating mechanisms of living organisms. The importance of the natural geomagnetic background to body equilibrium was comprehended in the early manned space flights.
Geopathically disturbed zones may differ from surrounding regions in the degree of ionisation, from altered electro magnetic field charges; in AC changes; in enhanced electrical resistance; in altered acoustic levels and radio reception; and in increased gamma radiation.
Associated also with such areas are increased ‘occult’ phenomena. The relationship between haunted houses and ley-line crossings is well known. Astral projection is easier and stronger along the paths of ley-lines. Vampirism is associated with the discharging energy fields (see below), and poltergeist phenomena and other materialisations with the charging field zones. Any geomagnetic disturbance is mirrored on every plane.

As the Earth rotates on its axis, it functions as an electro-magnet generating electrical currents in the molten metals found within its core, and an electromagnetic field on the surface which oscillates at an average frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is almost identical to the range of alpha human brainwaves. Life on earth has evolved with this background magnetic field, and creatures are accustomed to living within its presence and are able to cope with the slight fluctuations over time caused by electrical storms and the sun’s activity.

The Physicist W.O. Schumann identified this frequency in 1952, and it has become known as ‘brainwaves’ or Schumann Waves. The space agency NASA has had to build Schumann Resonators into their space shuttles in order to artificially generate this electromagnetic frequency, which is known to safeguard the health of astronauts when they are beyond the influence of the earth’s vital frequency.

Geopathic stress (GS) represents a distortion of this natural frequency by weak electromagnetic fields created by streams of water flowing underground, geological fault lines, underground caverns, and certain mineral deposits (notably coal, oil, and iron). For example, where the inner Earth’s vibration of 7.83 Hz crosses a water vein 200 – 500 feet below ground, stress lines vibrating at up to 250 Hz can be created.

Man-made disturbances to the earth’s surface can give rise to further distortions, including quarries and mines; road and rail cuttings and embankments; building foundations, especially tall buildings with steel pilings; tunnels, sewers, drains, buried utility pipes and wires; as well as artificially created electromagnetic fields from overhead or underground cables and electricity-generating stations and sub-stations.

Any distortion of this 7.83 Hz level creates a stress with the potential to weaken the immune system of any mammal living above the distortion, leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease, and a wide range of health problems. Many dowsers use a 0 – 16 scale known as the Von Pohl scale (after its originator) to measure the strength of geopathic stress, in which 0 represents the healthy 7.83 Schumann frequency, and 16 an extremely strong locus corresponding to 250 Hz. For example, people who are sleeping on a GS locus of 9 or more (perhaps a combined score from the presence of several geopathic features) are likely to develop cancer.


In the sensitive or weak patient, or in anyone exposed for a sufficient length of time, geopathic stress may be sufficient to overcome the body’s natural homeostatic regulation and lead into a disease spiral, presenting at first a confused non-specific symptom picture. Measurable physiological effects of geopathic stress include changes in the electrical polarity of the cell membrane with impeded ionisation across the cell wall; altered spin oscillation and proton resonance of protein molecules; faulty hydrogen bonding; disturbed mesenchyme base regulation, hormone balance and pH values.
The most frequently found symptoms occurring at an early stage of exposure to geopathic stress, perhaps immediately upon moving to a new house, are sleep disturbances. The siting of a patient’s bed seems to be the most important factor, after which come favourite chair, desk, room in which most working time is spent, and so forth.
Pathological symptoms can include restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, excessively heavy sleep and sleep requirements, waking unrefreshed, cold or restless feet and legs in bed, asthma and respiratory difficulties at night, fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes, aggression and depression.
Patients often wake up at an odd angle in bed, perhaps on the edge of the bed as far as possible from the centre of stress, while children might sleep-walk. Cats tend to prefer sleeping over a stress hot-spot, other things like warmth being equal; dogs and most other mammals prefer to avoid them. It is interesting to see the mechanism whereby healthy humans are naturally sensitive to avoiding such stressed areas, while humans on a disease cycle naturally gravitate in spite themselves to sleeping in beds whose geography enhances their pathological tendency (in much the same way that patients displaying the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) syndrome of Spleen Yang deficiency love bananas, and therefore further increase the Cold Phlegm in their system).

Left: Discharging field, crossing point of 2 underground streams Right: Charging field, geological fault zone
Left: Discharging field, crossing point of 2 underground streams
Right: Charging field, geological fault zone.

The two broad categories of geopathic disturbance are yin – the discharging field, and yang – the charging field, ranging from the geomagnetic baseline of 65,000 nano-Tesla by up to 8,000 nT either way.

The yin fields are associated with underground water flows, underground caverns and rock hollows, the running water causing a decrease in the intensity of the rocks’ geomagnetic field strong enough to influence living organisms on the surface. Where two underground streams cross the effect is enhanced.

The pathological states associated with the yin fields manifest first as the above-noted sleep disturbances and mental symptoms. Over time, in the idiom of TCM, Qi Xu (energy deficiency) syndromes worsen to become Xue Xu (Blood deficiency) and Wei (wasting and paralysing) conditions – fatigue, neurasthenia, depression, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, cancers, multiple sclerosis, myopathies and neuropathies and other degenerative disorders.
These zones in space, represented at their strongest as a crossing point of two unhealthy underground streams, represent energy sinks sacred to the degenerative and dissolutive forces. As such they are exceptionally good sites for compost heaps, for letting go of angry grievances, or for cooling off hyperactive children for a few minutes, but less helpful to the regenerative aspect of health and healing.The yang fields are especially associated with fault zones and with coal and oil deposits. Found in such regions are changes in ionisation, infra-red emission and AC & DC current; low frequency atmospheric pulsations with increased probability of lightning strikes; and low-level radiation emissions. As might be expected, yang fields lead to Qi Shi (energy excess) states such as hypertension, cardiac problems, strokes, migraines, epileptiform fits, gastritis, alcoholism, mania and schizophrenia.
Global geomagnetic grid crossing points can be associated with both yin and yang fields.

A survey of the world’s literature concerning GS shows a remarkable concordance of experience regarding the medical symptoms associated with exposure. For example, a list of known symptoms from the Chinese Feng Shui tradition that I was given in 1996 was identical in every respect to a list that I had myself previously compiled from the Western literature and my own experience:

CANCER is the most notorious of these, and tumours are known to develop almost always at exactly the spot where two or more GS lines cross a person’s body as they lie asleep in their bed. All mammals are considered to produce cancerous cells on a continual basis, though they are also continuously destroyed by the body’s immune system. Stress on the immune system caused by GS is seen as responsible for the resulting overgrowth of cancer cells. Professional dowsers tell many stories of patients whose tumours have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared after moving their sleeping position away from the GS lines.

are particularly associated with a strong electropollution component within the GS lines.

all diagnosed as ‘Earth element disorders’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

INFERTILITY (storks will not visit, let alone nest on geopathically stressed locations!),
Women are considered more likely to be at risk from geopathic stress because their hormonal systems are more susceptible. Foresight, the British pre-conception care organization, now suggests that all couples trying for a baby should get their homes checked for geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress.
N.B. a baby girl is born with approximately 25,000 eggs, which will all be affected by GS if the maternal bed during pregnancy is compromised, thus potentiating genetic weakness in future generations.

Has well-established connections with exposure to geopathic and electromagnetic stress, microwave communication transmissions, proximity to nuclear power plants and research establishments, and baby dribble reacting with fire-retardant chemicals in cot mattresses (as well as a compromised breathing control mechanism in the brain-stem caused by an impacted occiput at birth, and treatable with cranial osteopathy).

Can often be relieved simply by moving the cot a few feet away from the geopathogenic zone. Babies repeatedly found sleeping in one corner or edge of the cot, (or children and adults repeatedly falling out of bed), is probably an instinctual attempt to escape from the worst of the GS. The diagrams below, from respected British dowser Rolf Gordon, are cases where babies have been trying to avoid GS in their sleep. All the babies slept peacefully after their cots were moved to a Geopathic Stress free place.

Cot with GS
Cot with GS

The respected Austrian researcher Kathe Bachler surveyed over 3000 school children, and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behaviour, either slept or had their school desks (or both) in locations with marked GS. When she moved the children into stress free places, they nearly all showed a marked improvement, often going from bottom to top of their class in one term. She concluded that GS affects a high proportion of children who continuously play truant or who are refused places in ordinary schools due to misbehaviour. Class teachers in schools suffering with GS have a high rate of absenteeism.

Exposure to GS during childhood can make a person particularly sensitive to GS for the rest of their life, as well as prone to choose to inhabit places with a similar and familiar level of geopathic stress.

The symptoms of M.E. include:
M.E. is usually triggered by the contraction of a virus such a glandular fever, an emotional shock or a physical accident, and displays symptoms of a compromised immune system, particularly of the spleen and thymus. It is almost invariably a disease with a strong GS component.

Chronic Candida overgrowth, while linked directly to antibiotic use, almost invariably has a strong GS component.

The person may have difficulty sleeping as the body is on continuous alert.
BAD DREAMS (you may be sharing aspects of the same nightmare as others asleep on the same disturbed water line)

AWAKEN FEELING UNREFRESHED in the morning, or with:

Of all types, including
PITUITARY – giantism, dwarfism, etc…
THYROID – hyper or hypo
ADRENAL – hyper or hypo
SEX HORMONE – infertility, disturbed menses, fibroids, PMS.

HEART DISEASES of all types,
CROHN’S DISEASE e.g. an area of East Grinstead in Sussex famous among local G.P.s for having an unusually high concentration of patients suffering from this debilitating bowel disorder.
KIDNEY STONES e.g. ditto in a street in Newick, Sussex.

Sore joints will often coincide exactly with the crossing point of negative earth energy lines on the bed.
SCHIZOPHRENIA, and a host of mental disorders including
OBSESSIONS (the focus of the obsession may be explicable in terms of the causal trauma to the local earth meridians)
ALLERGIES To drink, food, or environmental triggers,

Which dramatically worsen on returning home.
And therefore finding excuses not to.

Long-term physical & mental illnesses where present treatment does not seem to work.
Many hospital nurses talk of some beds having a reputation where occupying patients seem to have more difficulty in recovering or where the death rate is higher.

Baron von Pohl came to the conclusion towards the end of his career that every single disease of humanity could be linked to disturbed underground streams with the single exception of gout (I have encountered one case of gout that was directly attributable to GS, which no doubt shows that we each have our blind spots!).

In the acupuncture tradition a point on the hand just distal to the fourth and fifth metacarpal junction (Triple Heater 3-1/3rd) is a prime Geopathic Stress test point, for both diagnosis and treatment. Kinesiology (muscle testing), electro-dermal screening devices such as the MORA and VEGA machines, and Blood Crystalline Analysis may also be employed to diagnose GS as significant for a patient.

All translated from editions of the journal “Fortschritt fur Alle” 1976—85 ( / / = earth fault, grey = water, //// = crossing of global grid lines)

1. & 2. The examination at the Leonhard family was at first done outside the house, as always. The whole length of the house stands on two radiation lines (water and geological fault) which are on top of each other. Testing for the grid lines is done at the bedside and showed a crossing just below the stomach. i.e. a typical cancer bed: a crossing of two geological interference zones of which according to present experience one is always water i.e. either a crossing of water/water (at different ground levels) or a crossing of water/fault etc. The crossing of the grid line identifies the area exactly. In fact Mr. L., who slept 6 years in this bed, had been operated on for cancer of the colon and had radiation treatment and looked accordingly. He had known about the cancer-producing radiation but had not believed in it. The people who had lived there before had their beds on the opposite wall, which was free of interference. It is not known whether they were ill. Mrs. L suffers from severe rheumatism.
1. Colon cancer 2. Rheumatism
1. Colon cancer 2. Rheumatism
3. & 4. Beds of the Frank couple. Here the wife sleeps on a cancer area: water, geological fault and grid line crossing in the stomach area. No trouble for 25 years as life style was holistic. After the resistance had been broken at last, disease set in, probably with cancer of the ovaries, metastases in liver and lung. Treatment in hospital for a fortnight with Zytostatica remained futile. Died six weeks later.
3. Still healthy 4. Cancer of ovaries
3. Still healthy 4. Cancer of ovaries
5. & 6. Wittmann couple. Cancer bed is no. 6. Crossing water/geological fault and grid line over the abdomen. Mrs. Wittmann was operated on for cancer of the abdomen a year ago. Mr. Wittman declares that he often has to get up during the night to pass water. When he does not sleep at home he does not have this trouble. Geological fault (the sides have a stronger effect) and grid line crossing in the region of the bladder, but no water line.
5. Bladder trouble 6. Stomach cancer
5. Bladder trouble 6. Stomach cancer
7. & 8. Both beds of the Dasch couple lie on a crossing water/geological fault and thus are cancer beds (grid line crossing in the region of the stomach). The wife says that instinctively she moves to the side of the bed. The resistance when on interference zones first of all declines in the organs which are constitutionally the weakest — in this case obviously the head: headaches, sinusitis, neuralgia in the head region. The beds have only been in this room for the last four years. Before they slept in a different room. According to Mrs. Dasch their health has been deteriorating ever since they moved rooms. A crossing of interference zones in the stable was responsible for two cows being infertile.
7. Head trouble 8. Colon/stomach cancer
7. Head trouble 8. Colon/stomach cancer

Mr Wolfgang Mers, Riestatt 8, 3110 Uelzen, has tested several MS beds and has found that all MS patients were on a threefold crossing in the region of the back.
Dr. Phys. Paul Schweitzer had already published exact details with sketches in “Krebs geschehen” No 4/81, which we here reproduce. He also found a threefold crossing in the back area with all MS patients and emphasized that in the case of MS all zones are right-circling and in the case of cancer all zones are left-circling.

More case studies can be found on the websites of geobiologist Roy Riggs


Social symptoms can include vandalism, burglary, fighting and warfare, corruption, financial decay, and bad luck in all its forms. Bad neighbour syndrome can frequently be traced to a Sha stream flowing from aggressor to victim.

The World Health Organisation estimate that 30% of offices, hotels, institutions and industrial premises have SBS. causing: headaches, tension between staff, lethargy, respiratory infection, dry skin and throat, eye symptoms, loss of concentration, depression, stress and fatigue, leading to a high rate of absenteeism, increased staff turnover, and lowered morale. While electro-, micro-, and radio wave and chemical pollution are undoubtedly major factors, SBS is generally rooted in the presence of Sha streams under the property. Sha Qi can be spread from the path of the streams throughout a building by the steel construction frame, wiring loom and pipework, just as it is spread along railway tracks or a metal bed frame. Thus a steel-framed cattle shed with Sha streams running through it will usually feel much more unhappy than a brick and wood barn.

Hauntings of earth-bound human ghosts and other entities, including poltergeist activity are invariably tied to negative earth energies. Ghost and spirit release and exorcism performed without attention to cleaning up the local earth energies can sometimes result in a new crop in the next day.
Dislocated nature spirits and disturbed landscape entities can also hold trauma to the earth’s etheric web within the landscape, and are often the bearers of emotion (apathy, grief, fear, anger, etc.) in the atmosphere of a place.
Predecessor Qi (memory and atmosphere of past events in a place) will be thicker and more troublesome with GS.

The path of a Sha stream can often be traced within the home by following the piles of chronically unresolved clutter across a house. Other clues include piles of rubbish, cracks in glass, brick and plasterwork, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns, derelict areas, and accident blackspots both within the home and outside. Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam, wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored in the wrong place.

Poor workmanship,
Hostile staff relations,
Difficulty selling a property.

In the animal realm, most mammals instinctively avoid spending time over Sha streams, gravitating instead to Sheng Qi streams i.e. the healthy, free-flowing earth meridians. Dogs will instinctively avoid kennels and beds on GS lines, though obedience to their human’s instructions can be the death of them. Birds are reckoned to be most sensitive, and horses most resilient, though many chronically ill or injury-prone horses are found to be stabled on Sha streams.

Cats, owls, corvids, snakes, slugs and snails are however attracted to Sha streams, and a cat’s favourite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious source of warmth) is very often a sure clue to the location of a Sha stream crossing. Local cats will gather in the neighbourhood GS hot-spot. A cat who regularly sleeps in the same spot on a bed is certainly performing a diagnostic, and possibly a protective function, though if the GS is too strong the cat will also suffer. Insects, parasites, bacteria and viruses also thrive on Sha streams, and ant and wasp nests invariably provide a similar clue: thus a Sha stream is the right location for a beehive.

Clues to the path of a Sha stream in the vegetable world include lightning-struck trees, dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, infertile fruit trees, cankers, and strangely twisted trees (usually in the direction of current flow). Fruit trees are the most sensitive, while oaks, redwoods and ashes are more resilient, and elders seem to be positively attracted. Lawns will often betray bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi, while vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the edge lines of the Sha streams.Ivy, bindweed, nettles, docks, thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are naturally attracted, and indeed the appropriate medicinal herbs for a sick person are usually to be found in the garden along the path of a Sha stream running though their bed.

Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture have always been an integral if esoteric part of Feng Shui practice. Where the Feng Shui form of a building or landscape is poor, the effects of GS will be worse. Where a GS line runs across or through other key points in a property besides the bed, such as the front door, front gate, or centre of a house, the quality of Qi entering the property will be compromised and the whole building will suffer.

Where GS lines coincide with Compass School sectors, for example in a Ba Gua, Ba Zhai, Ming Gua or Fei Xing chart, the type of effect that the GS will provoke can be anticipated – it can deplete a good portent or activate a bad one. For example, in my own professional experience, every single bedroom surveyed belonging to a child who has died has suffered from medium to strong GS lines in conjunction with the Jue Ming (severed fate) Ming Gua portent in their bedroom


Modern understanding of Geopathic stress recognises a number of different sources. Generally the most dangerous are the harmful underground water veins known to European dowsers as black streams, and to the Chinese as channels of underground Sha Qi. Also important are geological faults, radon gas, mineral deposits, ley line crossings, and global geomagnetic grid crossings. Latterly, the entire spectrum of AC pulsed electromagnetic fields and industrial and medical ionising radiation sources have also to be considered, as well as microwave and radio wave transmissions, and DC field disruptions caused by metal objects.


As water flows through underground passages, fractures and fissures, it produces its own electromagnetic field, often high into microwave frequency. This field fluctuates depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing, and whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked where these underground streams flow, and especially at the crossing points of two watercourses or other types of energy line. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside edge lines of subterranean watercourses are at the very top, and they are found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases.
A skilled dowser can easily detect this type of energy line. It can also be detected by a German analytical instrument developed by Dr. Ernst Hartmann and Dr. Dieter Ashcroft in Essen, which confirms this dowsable energy above subterranean water lines. The Genitron Felix-3, used in German universities and research institutes, detects ultra short and radio microwave frequencies and prints them out on a UKW- Spectrometer and Linedrawer.
The radiation rises vertically above the underground watercourses, and the deleterious effects are evident many stories up. The adverse health effects may include deprivation of regenerating sleep resulting in arthritis, cancer, enhanced production of microbes encouraging mould and rot, degenerative diseases and rheumatism. The molecules of moving underground water interact with the structure of the strata it is flowing through, producing a positive vertical electric field, a dc generated magnetic field, radio frequencies ranging from 87 – 101 MHz and ultra-short waves which are organized into narrow bands about 6-8 cm wide.


Sha streams can be defined as underground water veins that give off noxious radiations which can be harmful to life above them. They can be seen as earth meridians (Mai) whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Sha Qi. This Sha Qi includes radon gas as well as subtler elements.Harmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above. The stream may be anything from 1ft – 3000ft deep and from 1ft – 300ft wide (the widest corresponding to a major ley line). The two edge lines and the centre line dowse as the strongest, sharpest Qi and are potentially the most dangerous places on the stream for habitual exposure. The edge lines are found to be more associated with physical diseases such as tumours, while the centre lines have more of an association with mental and psycho-spiritual disturbances. Where the underground water vein is a primary riser the edge lines are the more dangerous, while on the descending veins it is the centre line that is the strongest (and over which standing stones are sited in ancient British geomancy).The streams may display tributaries and convergences, and dowsable echoes parallel to the main stream. They may display course changes, especially after earthquakes and droughts. They are known to be stronger at midday, mid-summer, full moon, and during periods of heightened solar flare (sunspot) activity. They are also known to be associated with higher levels of ionising radiation, and with lightning strikes and other atmospheric phenomena.


A Sha stream is a sick Lung Mai or earth meridian. There is a well-established link between Sha streams and traumas to the earth’s etheric web that have caused the flow of Qi to stagnate in the channels. Typical examples of such traumas include the building of railway and motorway cuttings, tunnels and embankments, quarries and mines, and building foundations, especially those with steel footings. Also implicated are heavy industry sites, power stations and electricity sub-stations, military bases, steel pilings, poles and road signs. Old battlegrounds and historical sites of trauma such as witch-burnings and executions can also retain much Sha Qi, as sometimes can natural topography.

On a subtler level, homes, shopping centres, airports and modern housing estates developed without any traditional foundation-stone laying ceremonies, without offerings made in good faith to the nature spirits whose land has been taken for development, will usually display signs of a traumatised Elemental life and stagnant Qi in the earth meridians.


There is much that can be done to ameliorate or remove Geopathic stress arising from disturbed underground water veins, and protocols can be divided into three types: avoiding, shielding and curative.

‘Avoiding’ generally involves moving the bed away from the zones of disturbance, having identified them with dowsing rods or meters. This is the ideal short-term solution, however it is often not practical in a typical small house.

To shield a residence from the path and effects of a Sha stream, traditional Chinese devices include the building of a Dragon wall (a screen wall with an undulating ridge), the digging of a ditch or the burying of a protective talisman at an appropriate point on the path of the stream. Modern Western methods include a layer of cork tiles or bath mats placed under the bed, the careful placing of crystals, bottles of salt, copper rods, coils and ankhs, or the installation of radionic devices such as the Spiral Of Tranquillity, and Raditech, Helios and Geomack machines, generally using Multi-Wave Oscillators or Radionics to establish a shielding field.

Ideally the disturbed water line can be healed: to cure a Sha stream the Sha Qi has to be transformed into Sheng Qi by the practice of Earth Acupuncture. This can be performed using wood, metal, stone or crystal “needles”, or other healing interventions, applied to the appropriate earth acupuncture points (Xue) for a variable time. This could be a few seconds or a few hours, or could be a permanent placement according to the size and nature of the underground stream. The Sha streams are thus transformed into Sheng Qi streams. With larger meridians, as with geological faults, a needle may need to be left in place permanently.

A wide range of other curative styles have been employed, from the application of flower and gem essences or symbols to selected points, through offerings and dialogue with local nature spirits and landscape angels, to ceremony, prayer, meditation and focussed visualisation and distant healing. These may be broadly classified under the heading of ‘Earth Acupuncture’ in as much as they all represent a therapeutic input to the local situation, gaining leverage to transform ill health via the focus through a specific point or points on the ground. What all these cures have in common is a therapeutic intention, often in a sacred ceremonial context. Often the spirit world will need to be addressed directly, in Heaven as well as Underground.

Fire, in the form of candles, incense, moxa, sage or a ‘bon’-fire may also be employed – the old Beacon hills of Britain are moxibustion points in the landscape for the purification of the land. They are fired at the appropriate moments in the cycle of the seasons – the fire festivals.

Permanent needles may take the form of sculptures and statues, standing stones, moving water features, or a specially planted tree. A gravestone may be seen as a style of earth acupuncture needle, balancing the Yin Qi of the corpse with a Yang form to reunite the Qi of Heaven and Earth. On a larger scale, pagodas, temples, churches and cathedrals all function as earth acupuncture needles to the same effect. Ringing the local church bells used to be traditional practice to ward off impending lightning strikes.

Traditional earth acupuncture techniques to promote the flow of Qi in a blocked meridian under a house will generally have an instantaneous effect in dispelling an associated accumulation of radon. Where the radon concentration derives from Sha streams the effect is usually permanent as long as the streams remain healthy and free-flowing.

If the causal traumas can be successfully released from the earth meridians, the cure should be permanent. However, especially in urban environments there is so much ongoing disturbance to the ground, not to mention electro- and other pollution inputs, that regular (perhaps yearly) check-ups and/or the installation of shielding devices in addition may be desirable. Whilst it is laudable that in some parts of Europe a housing development is no longer permitted without having had a dowser first survey the land, this still begs the question of what geomantic disturbances the building construction may then cause.


1. Solsbury Hill, Bath.

Following the cutting of a by-pass, through the shoulder of Solsbury Hill, to the north-east of Bath in 1995, the city experienced a dramatic economic decline, with many shops and small businesses closing down. The suburb of Larkhall had its first ever outbreak of burglary and vandalism.


Dowsing revealed that two major Dragon veins had been severed on their course from Solsbury Hill, through Larkhall, to Bath Abbey and the Circus respectively. In May 1996 four sandstone Cairns were raised on either side of the road cutting, on the mid-lines of the earth meridians, aimed at restoring the flow of Qi across the road cutting. Local feedback confirmed that Larkhall’s crime outbreak ended the following week as suddenly as it had started, and Bath’s economy had picked up within a month.

2. A dairy farm near Airdrie, Scotland.

The entire herd had been twice slaughtered in the previous two years as a result of brucellosis. Fertility was very low with no female calves born.
Dowsing revealed four strong Sha streams passing through the steel-framed cattle barns (A).


At (B) a small Sha stream, 3ft wide, passed directly through a calf pen in which a 3-week old calf was on death’s door, unable to stand or feed. This was pointed out to the farmer who exclaimed that the last calf kept in that pen had died a few weeks before. On carrying the calf into the next door pen, free of noxious earth radiation, it immediately drank a whole bucket of milk, and six months later was reported as completely healthy. The farmhouse (C) was haunted, and a son of the family mentally disturbed. At (D) stood an almost dead oak tree, in a poorly-drained corner of the field.

Earth acupuncture was performed at the points marked ? for a total of four hours, and the problem traced to a quarry a couple of miles away. At a dramatic moment of energetic release at the end of this four-hour focus, the entire herd started mooing loudly, a chorus which they kept up for several hours.

Feedback the following year reported no more major health problems in the herd, and a big increase in fertility, with more females than males born. The ghost in the farmhouse had gone, the farmer’s son was fine, the dying oak tree was now thriving, and the corner of the field in which it stood was even draining well.


Ley lines are lines of energy running over-ground in straight lines, often reflected in ancient trackway lines and alignments of prehistoric and historic sacred sites in the landscape.

Ley lines are properly defined as straight over-ground energy lines that echo the sinuous paths of larger underground rivers. They carry Yang Qi relative to the Yin Qi of underground water, and are associated with Heavenly consciousness and human spiritual ceremonial sites. These straight (at least over dozens of miles) spirit paths are found equally in China as elsewhere in the world, and frequently define the processional routes to major palaces, temples and cathedrals.

They can be compared and contrasted with the more yin underground water lines as a yang energy matrix associated with a more heavenly consciousness, and are frequently worked by human ceremonial practice at sacred sites designed and constructed at key points in the landscape along these lines.

Straight lines in the landscape can be divided into three types: the first are represented by lines of one or other of the global geomagnetic grids, and the ‘Second Schneider Grid’ is especially related to the paths of Roman roads in Europe.

A second type of line is exemplified by the garden design of the Palais de Versailles, and the 41 lines radiating from the Sun Temple in the middle of Cuzco, central Peru, along which shrines, temples, graves, sacred hills, bridges and battlefields lie. These are derived from the deliberate imposition of a geometrical design (resonant with the central temple design) upon the landscape, as a vehicle for political-theocratic control of a nation.

In Cuzco the pattern also interacts with the underground energy currents; in Washington, D.C., a Masonically-inspired geometrical design has been placed without reference to the underground patterns (unlike Canberra, where the Heavenly and Earthly components have been more successfully united).

A third type of line is the classic ley-line as described by Alfred Watkins in his 1925 book ‘The Old Straight Track’. These are overground lines of energy, straight over perhaps 60 miles with slight changes of path over longer distances, which echo the sinuous paths of underground rivers across the earth. These carry energy of various types and levels, and can be worked via key points either as part of a programme of regular maintenance for the spiritual hygiene of a land, or as a specific therapeutic action.

Perhaps the most famous Ley line in Britain is the ‘Michael and Mary’ line, which runs across England from St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk. Twin underground water currents, known as the Michael and Mary lines after the number of churches dedicated to either Mary or St. Michael found upon them, run with a central overground Ley across England, oriented to Mayday sunrise.

This reveals the primal ‘Caduceus’ pattern that can be found within all such energy lines: a triple-fold axis composed of Fire, Water and Spirit currents, which may be experienced by the practising Geomancer as containing information in the Thinking, Feeling and Subtle Entity realms respectively.

Appropriate for sacred sites, these energy pathways are less comfortable for secular living, and houses built on them are generally a thoroughfare for all manner of spirits. Properties presenting spirit disturbances are often found to be on one or a crossing of ley-lines, as well as having Sha underground water lines.


Ley-lines may be experienced or dowsed as running either ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’. Clearing the water lines will often be enough to clean the ley-line locally too, at least enough to keep lower-astral entities away from the property. Sometimes other nodal points on the lines, perhaps local church-yards or barrows, may also have to be visited in order to maintain continued spiritual hygiene, and cleansed certainly of Sha in the water lines and perhaps of other troublesome spirits.


global grid
Earth’s crystal structure in pentagonal geometry

Global geomagnetic grids, of which there are several, follow laws of symmetry and direction. They are thought to arise from the earth’s magnetic field as a form of vertical, and sometimes horizontal, radiation. Researchers have found on the lines changes in the earth’s magnetic field, the intensity of sferics, the electrical conductivity of the ground, variations in ultra short wave receptions, increases in positive ions, differences in blood sedimentation rate, and over some grid lines increased gamma radiation.

The grids are at their strongest between 12.00 midnight and 3.00a.m. and at their weakest at 5.00p.m.; they are influenced by earthquakes and weather conditions, and are weaker in fog; they do not rise vertically but at an angle which can change a few degrees during the night; and, unlike underground streams, they are not influenced by phases of the moon.

They show varying weak zones of resonance (echoes) outside the main line; however decorations, mozaic patterns, windows and statue recesses in old churches that indicate the grid lines always correspond to the exact width of the main line.In the Stone Age standing stones were set up on grid line crossings; the Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman and European Medieval civilizations knew of them, as the location of temples, monuments and cathedrals bears witness.


Hartmann 2

This was described by Dr Ernst Hartmann in the 1960’s. The network appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible radioactive walls. From north to south they are 25cm. wide and encountered at constant intervals of 2m., while from east to west they are 15cm. wide and the distance apart varies according to latitude from 1.2m. in Reykjavik, Iceland (63.36?N) to 2.06m. in Ried, Switzerland (40.50?N).
Between these geometric lines lies a neutral zone.

The north – south rays are Yin and linked to humidity, cramps and all forms of rheumatism. The east – west rays are Yang and linked to inflammations.

Where ever two rays cross – a “Hartmann Knot”, a geopathogenic point is found. These single crossing points do not constitute much of a health hazard unless they pass through the area of the head in the bed site, which can cause insomnia, depression and migraine type headaches. Crossing any other part of the body in the vast majority of cases would not produce any discomfort. However, Sleeping over crossings of double negative lines, which repeat at approximately 35m. intervals, can cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatic illnesses. Where the intersections coincide with Sha streams the effect is greatly increased: When these lines of radiation are in combination with A/C pulsed magnetic fields around and above 70 nT (nano Tesla), or cross over the outside edge of a subterranean water course it can produce a depleted state of energy leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and an opportunistic environment for the growth of abnormal cells leading to cancer.

The intensity of these lines increases three to four-fold at night when there are less free ions, just as radio waves are received better at night. Twenty-four hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low pressure zone, a 100% increase of gamma rays is found (up to 300% on volcanic soil) on the knots.
Twelve hours before an earthquake the thickness of the ray triples: beside the central ray appear two other weaker rays to left and right which are not normally detectable. At this time dogs howl, birds flutter madly in their cages, some cats hide under the quilt, and some people feel sick or need to sleep. During an earthquake the Hartmann network becomes twisted and distorted, but is restored half an hour later to symmetry.Dr Hartmann suggested that both Curry and Hartmann lines are earthing grids for cosmic rays that can be distorted by other energies such as those coming from a geological fault. This network penetrates everywhere in dwellings or on open ground, but Blanche Merz has found the grid to be pushed outside certain sacred structures such as the Egyptian pyramids and temples and Himalayan Buddhist stupas, creating a dense protective wall composed of up to seven rays around the perimeter, and a ray-free interior.

2. THE CURRY GRID (Diagrams from: Dr. G. Schneck, BSD Journal, June 1995)


This grid, described by Wittman and Curry in the 1970’s, has much in common with the Hartmann grid, but is oriented 45? from north. The south-west to north-east grid lines repeat every 2.36m, and the south-east to north-west lines every 2.7m. The lines are approximately 75cm. wide, with medically significant double negative lines repeating every 50m.

The double negative crossings are associated with sleep disturbances, depression and other nervous reactions, inflammations and rheumatic diseases; and also with the sites of stocks and pillories, and hellebore plants. Double positive crossings encourage enhanced cell enlargement and proliferation, even to the point of cancerous growth.

OTHER GRIDS (Diagram from: Anthony Scott-Morley, Journal of Alternative Medicine. May 1985)

There are a series of other such grids detectable by dowsing, which can display beneficial as well as deleterious crossing points. The experience of the Fountain Groups (groups directing spiritual healing into the etheric landscape at the local or borough scale) has been that the dominant grids related to human consciousness can change with respect to strength, scale and conformation over time.

This complex example shows an extreme possibility of geopathic stress. The bed is situated over a negative intersection of the Curry Grid which happens to coincide with a negative intersection of the Hartmann Net. Below the bedroom are two underground streams which cross. Thus, the bed is over an extremely yin geopathic area. Over a period of time the occupant would have a high probability of developing cancer.


Avoidance of the negative crossings for bed and chair placement is the obvious first remedy. Where this is not possible, a simple yin/yang cure may suffice, for example an amethyst crystal placed under the bed to balance and neutralise the effects of a double negative crossing, or similarly a piece of rose quartz placed at a double positive crossing to calm the energy down. I surveyed one house in which the occupants had instinctively placed a bright, uplifting painting on the wall by each of the three double negative Hartmann and Curry crossings in the building.

The global grids, like sha streams, show stronger parallel edge lines when they are under stress, for example before an earth-quake, and also if they are heavily electro-magnetically polluted. This may be the mechanism behind the epidemic of feline leukaemia in the cat population of the U.S.A.

Simple earth acupuncture on the local Sha water lines can go a long way towards cleaning up these grids, though permanent standing stones or cairns may be useful to filter and discharge ongoing electro-pollution in the grids.


Geological faults, underground caverns and natural mineral concentrations all exhibit effects similar to double positive grid crossings. They are all associated with geomagnetic anomalies and higher levels of radon gas.
Movements of the continental tectonic plates, which make up the outer crust of our planet, affect the Earth’s energy field. As the plates move together, apart, or slide past each other , there is a great crushing, buckling or heaping up of material which results in discontinuities such as faults, thrusts, fractures and fissures, which may not be obvious at the surface These faults also occur on a smaller scale due to geological ‘creep’. The movements create more energy all the time and are especially large when earthquakes occur. The British Geological Society’s Solid Geology Maps show most of these localized faults, which can be from a few yards to several miles long. Mounting pressure within these faults affects the electrical field of mineral deposits, especially quartz bearing rocks (piezoelectricity) and ironstone, and some sites will produce their own energy particularities, especially where they form an outlet for radon gas and other high particle energy.

RADON GAS (Diagrams from N.R.P.B.)


The earth’s natural background radioactivity is concentrated along certain geological faults, mineral veins, and also water-bearing fissures. Radioactive radon gas rises to the surface and emits harmful alpha radiation, which builds up to dangerous levels in poorly ventilated places such as buildings.

The ultimate source of radioactivity on earth is uranium-238, created from lighter atoms inside supernovae billions of years ago. The uranium-238 atoms, with 146 neutrons, are constantly reverting to more stable configurations with fewer neutrons by emitting an alpha particle from the nucleus quickly followed by two electrons. Once they have started to decay, uranium-238 atoms produce a chain of ‘daughters’, including radium-226, the ‘parent’ of radon-222.

Geopathic stress theory is centrally concerned with radon-222, which has 86 protons, 136 neutrons, a half-life of 3.8 days, and decays to polonium-218 by shooting off an alpha particle, a process that may occur within our lungs. The newly formed polonium atoms quickly decay to
other ‘daughters’: as these decay each atom first ejects another alpha particle, and then a series of high-speed electrons, high-energy gamma rays and fast neutrons.

The alpha particles bombard cells directly; most gamma rays and fast neutrons pass right through our bodies though some score direct hits on atomic nuclei within us.

Since the mid 1980’s the US Environmental Protection Agency and the UK National Radiological Protection Board have conducted new national surveys of radon levels in houses. Before the survey most specialists thought the problem was confined to small areas of uranium-rich rocks, such as granite. The new surveys suggested that in one in eight American homes, people were breathing air dangerously contaminated by radon; in the UK, 90,000 homes contained air contaminated to a level of 200 becqerels per cubic metre or more and were therefore receiving yearly radiation doses of at least 10 millisieverts. The current BNFL maximum permitted dose is 15 millisieverts per year; the NRPB’s work suggests that at least 100,000 British people receive more than this.

The accumulation of Radon gas is accentuated by inadequate ventilation in modern houses; the more so with underfloor service conduits, central heating, draught-proofing and double-glazing, causing the air pressure within the house to be slightly lower than outside.



Buildings should of course not be sited over geological faults. Where this has been done, the provision of adequate ventilation within a building is one answer to the problem. This can be achieved by positive ventilation fans blowing air from the loft or outside into the house, to raise internal air pressure; by sealing floor boards and installing under-floor air bricks; or by installing a radon sump system to draw air from the soil beneath the house and redirect it outside. Building Regulations for new-build houses have been amended to ensure completely sealed floors by local authorities in areas of England exceeding the action level in the map shown.

A geomantic cure for this situation, ideally in conjunction with permanent physical remedial action (i.e. building work), is to establish a pair of standing stones (or perhaps to co-opt garden statuary) on the centre of the fault line on either side of the building, to try to draw off the Sha to discharge through the stones, and thus establish a shielded area for the house.The natural background radioactivity of the earth need not be feared per se for it is the very stuff of evolution. The question is more one of appropriate dosage and personal adaptability, in conjunction with sensible siting of buildings.


Mineral deposits will generally exhibit geomagnetic disturbances similar in nature to geological faults. Other geomantic anomalies include portals, vortices, spirals, drains and interference lines, which can all be problematic in the wrong place.


The increasingly widespread possibility of exposure to man-made electrical and electro-magnetic stresses can have great repercussions on the health of an individual. Any cable carrying electric current generates a magnetic field. If the current is strong enough and the patient’s exposure to the generated magnetic field is of sufficient duration, first the subtle polarity balances and flows within that patient’s etheric and bio-energetic fields become affected, and later changes in the cellular regulating mechanisms arise of a similar nature to those found in conditions of natural geopathic stress.
Electric power systems work at around 50hz, just above the naturally occurring frequency of 30hz generated by the Earth. Our bodies are tuned in to this low frequency so any frequency close to this is going to interfere with us, such as the 50hz Ac mains power system used in the UK. ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic fields vibrating from 0.5 to 100hz, even if they are weaker than the Earth’s field, interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed. Chronic stress and impaired disease resistance results.

The frequencies that ELF AC systems use are very close to the natural brain rhythms of cerebrate creatures such as man. The pineal gland is the principal structure in the brain that is directly sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field. As a result it functions abnormally when exposed to abnormal fields close to its own. Because the pineal gland produces a host of psychoactive chemicals (such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin and others) its abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems.

In 1990 the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated “In conclusion, after an examination of the available data over the past 15 years, there is evidence of a positive association of exposure to magnetic fields with certain site-specific cancer, namely leukaemia, cancer of the central nervous system, and to a lesser extent, lymphomas”. This is supported by many studies of children and adults across many different populations and sub-groups.
Electro-magnetic waves are known to cause changes in enzymes, hormones, and blood sugar levels, heating of the skin and its nerve endings, and with more protracted exposure the coagulation of protein cells. These effects are amplified where a person is wearing metal objects, in the form of rings, zips, spectacles, hearing aids, buckles, watches, jewellery, or metal teeth fillings. These metals produce secondary resonances within the bio-energetic field whenever one is in contact with anything electrical (AC or DC), or with electro magnetic radiation – for example household electrical equipment, cars, computers, fluorescent lighting, telephone switchboards; T.V.s, radios, V.D.U.s, microwave transmitters or ovens; and high voltage transformers, transmission cables and pylons.

There are also electro-magnetic resonances coming into one’s house or office via the electricity, telephone, water and gas mains, while an electrical ring-main effectively insulates a house within its own electro-magnetic field in a similar but coarser fashion to the operation of a stone circle.


Symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to high voltage electrical fields are well illustrated by the inhabitants of Fishpond, Dorset, a village ringed by pylons, cables and transformers:- depression, headaches, poor sleep and waking unrefreshed, fatigue, tension, frustration and other mood changes and a lowered birth-rate.
Symptoms of over-exposure to microwave radiations are well illustrated by the inhabitants of the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp in Berkshire in the 1980s: – sore throats, headaches, ear pains, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, migraines, double vision, menstrual disturbances, difficulty thinking and communicating, and other behavioural and emotional disturbances.

The long term effects of microwave exposure include leukaemia, cancers, birth defects, and personality imbalances.
Users of mobile phones are not only cooking their own brains and increasing the probability of brain tumours, but also affecting the brains of all those in their immediate environments. Children are particularly susceptible to these harmful effects.

Electro-magnetic disturbances are also associated with mercury toxicity via the oral galvanic current that arises between tooth fillings. Here one finds C.N.S., cardiac, renal and intestinal symptoms related to mercury toxicity in addition to unwanted influences upon the oral microsystem of acupuncture points and reflex zones around the roots of the teeth.
Electrostatic disturbances may be associated with pure synthetic clothing fabrics, especially manifest as emotional hypertension and implicated in arthritis.

The military implications of the use of low-level low-frequency waves have been understood beyond the confines of the M.O.D. at Greenham, the most publicised case having been the Operation Woodpecker transmission of microwave signals from Russia to the Western world in the 1970s. These signals, oscillating at about 10 Hertz, were able to capture about 30% of exposed mammalian brains which are normally gently entrained by the 7.6 Hertz oscillations of the earth’s magnetic field. By adding frequency modulated patterns disease states are transmittable, as was suspected in the microwave irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow in the early 1980s. With the use of such frequency-modulated patterns, psychotronic transmission of any information desired is possible, effectively using electro-magnetic waves as carriers of radionically- broadcasted signals. The implications and applications lie as much in the sphere of healing, as in Radionics, as in the sphere of military politics.
In addition to the dangers of direct exposure, electrical and electro-magnetic pollution can be transported by the underground water lines, and Stray Voltage in the ground particularly by the Hartmann global grid lines, to become a significant component of the local geopathic stress – leukaemias and lymphomas are particularly associated with this.

DC FIELD DISRUPTIONS FROM METAL OBJECTS (Source: – reproduced with permission)

The first geomagnetogram (G1) typically represents the values of the Earths normal geomagnetic field taken by Roy Riggs in a farmer’s field near Poynings village. As you can see the magnetic contours of this bed size area (6’x4’) are very gentle and slightly undulating showing an overall geomagnetic anomaly of 582 nT (nano Tesla). It is rare to find a magnetic anomaly above any natural terrain higher than 2000 nT. Within our evolutionary history our bodies’ own magnetic field has integrated with this magnetic field, which is responsible for controlling amongst other things, circadian rhythms, mood changes and certain hormone production such as melatonin and serotonin.
The second geomagnetogram (G2) was taken above a sprung mattress from a lady suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression, and has a magnetic anomaly of 22,435.4 nT. The high spike to the right of the graph has been artificially produced by the bed being placed near to a radiator. The sprung mattresses Roy has measured so far over the past two years have had magnetic anomalies between 4,000 and 61,000 nT. The reason for these abnormally high magnetic abnormalities is a result of the bed springs intensifying the magnetic flux of these fields, made worse by the interaction of high magnetic fields around the bed and house from numerous electrical appliances, extension cables running under the bed and transformers placed near to the bed. Our forefathers sleeping on straw or feathered mattresses in houses devoid of any electrical fields or microwave energy would not have experienced such geomagnetic disturbances. Each static magnetic field bump or sink on geomagnetogram (G2) may speed up or slow down body fluids (blood and lymphatic) in exposed areas such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, legs etc. Sleep time exposure to the same sharp variations of magnetic fields for years may induce some chronic health effect. The World Health Organization in a health criteria report recognizes interactions between variations in static magnetic fields in cellular tissues to include an induction of electrical potentials and magneto hydrodynamic effects in the circulatory systems and by direct stimulation of nerve and muscle cells even under extremely weak thresholds.


Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205-2197 BC) proclaimed an edict, effective to this day, which reads: “No dwelling shall be built until the earth diviners have confirmed the intended building site to be free of earth demons.”

Chen Su Xiao (d.1332 AD): “In the subterranean regions there are alternate layers of earth and rock and flowing spring waters. These strata rest upon thousands of vapours which are distributed in tens of thousands of branches, veins and threadlike openings…The body of the earth is like that of a human being…Ordinary people, not being able to see the veins and vessels which are disposed in order within the body of man, think that it is no more than a lump of solid flesh. Likewise, not being able to see the veins and vessels which are disposed in order under the ground, they think that the earth is just an homogenous mass”.

Christopher Bird, THE DIVINING HAND, 1979: “It was believed by the ancient Chinese that water flowed in subterranean courses called ‘veins of the Dragon’ (Lung Mai). Passing to and fro out of sight, the hidden veins of water served, like the bloodstream of animals, to remove impurities from the body of the earth… and to deposit curative minerals within it. The earth’s circulatory system was matched by an ever-undulating network of currents in the atmosphere. The currents, running through Mai or channels, carried the Qi or vapours.”

Knowledge of the mysterious underground energies and the ability to dowse their precise location is as integral to the Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu Shastra traditions as it is to other geomantic traditions of the world. The personification of the telluric currents of the hydrological cycle as the consciousness of the subterranean Dragon, Serpent, or Crocodile spirit is a global image. Whether named Lung (Dragon, China), Naga (Water Serpent Spirit, India), Nak (subterranean Crocodile Spirit, Borneo), Wyvern (Dragon-Worm, Britain) or Wonambi (Rainbow Serpent Spirit, Pitjatjantjara and Yankunyjatjara, central Australia) these beings are variously respected, feared, appeased, tamed and honoured the world over.

The aim of Feng Shui is to seek the healthy Qi (Sheng Qi) and avoid the unhealthy Qi (Sha Qi). As the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) text ‘Shui Peng Ba Zhen Fa’ or ‘The Eight Needles of The Water Compass Method’ reveals, classical Chinese understanding of the nature of the unhealthy Qi that rises from within the earth accords closely with the modern western dowsing tradition’s knowledge of the dangers of Geopathic stress. The text presents a protocol for divining the presence of a number of potential underground dangers, including underground streams and cavities, geological faults, mineral deposits, old wells, tombs and coffins, ant-holes, and abattoir and battlefield sites. “Di Qi (Earth Qi) comes from the earth and moves upwards. If it is too strong it is not good to build above. If there is none at all maybe there is too much metal or hard rock, nothing will grow and this is also bad”.

The water compass needle method was superseded by the dry compass needle, which was invented during the Ming Dynasty. Since that time the dipping and trembling movements, as opposed to the rotation, of the delicately balanced needle in the central Heaven Pool of the Luo Pan have been used to divine the nature of the underground Qi of a site. The vertical movements of the Heaven Pool needle are thus used in the same way in Feng Shui as are divining rods and pendulum in the Western geomantic traditions.


George Lakhovsky coined the term ‘Geopathy’, and first suggested in the 1930s that geopathic stress causes the human body to vibrate at much higher frequencies than normal, and can affect the immune system, making people sleeping or working in geopathically stressed locations more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, parasites, and environmental pollution.

vilsbiburg map

The German dowser, Baron von Pohl, was asked to dowse the small town of Vilsbiburg in 1929, having then the highest per capita cancer death rate in Bavaria. He discovered a 100 per cent correlation between the beds of cancer victims and the paths of Sha streams passing through the town. He repeated the procedure in Grafenau in 1930, with the lowest cancer incidence in the province, and again found a 100 per cent correlation. He developed a scale to rate Geopathic stress of 1 to 16, where a combined tally of 9 or above from streams crossing gives rise to cancer. He repeated the exercise in the City of Stetten, with the result that Dr. Harger, chairman of the city’s medical scientific association, declared that the ‘deadly earth currents’ ran beneath the beds of all the 5,348 people who had died from cancer during the last 21 years.

This inspired some scientists and medical engineers to probe into the matter more deeply, and the term Geobiology was adopted by some German dowsers to represent the study of the relationship between life and the Earth’s physical and chemical environment. ‘Geobiologists’ specialise in surveying houses for both geopathic and electromagnetic stress using both dowsing and scientific instruments.

In the 1930s the French engineer Pierre Cody of Le Havre knew of local ‘cancer houses’ in the port where many people had died from cancer over the years. He decided to investigate the matter using a gold leaf electroscope. After checking large numbers of these dwellings, Cody concluded that the air in these ‘Cancer Houses’ was ionized to an unusual degree. From various other tests Cody concluded that the ionization radiation consisted of positively charged Alpha Particles. The only known source of alpha particle emission in dwellings was from the radioactive gas Radon. (The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) estimates that out of 50,000 lung cancer deaths a year in Great Britain, Radon gas is responsible for about 2,500 cases.) Cody’s early research seemed to backup Baron Von Pohl’s findings that noxious vapours/energy from underground water-bearing fissures were responsible for many of the cases of cancer.
In the 1950’s the idea was again explored by the German scientist Dr. Joseph Würst, and the German engineer and dowser Jakob Stängle. Dr Würst conducted experiments in the rooms of cancer patients in several German towns, and found unusual amounts of gamma radiation in the houses he surveyed using a Geiger–counter. Stängle, who had a very good reputation for locating water bearing fissures in crystalline rock with his dowsing rod, developed a scintillisation counter more sensitive and accurate than a Geiger counter and carried out a scientific survey in the French town of Moulins where a local physician, Dr, J Prichard claimed that cancer victims in the town dwelt above geological faults. Whilst Würst and Stängle thought that gamma radiation from fissures could be a significant cause of cancer, more recent studies suggest that this is unlikely as gamma radiation tends to pass straight through the body rather than causing direct hits on DNA. The culprit is thought to be the more pernicious alpha radiation from Radon, which is found with high levels of gamma radiation. Research in this field continues with an increasing number of sophisticated environmental measuring instruments coming on the market to aid the geobiologist in identifying causative factors to illness and disease.
Dr. Hartmann M.D. researched the effects of earth rays on humans for over thirty years, and his experiences led him to produce a six hundred page report [‘Krankheit als Standort-problem,’ Heidelburg: K.F.Haug-Verlag] stating that disease was a problem of location. He found that one of the first things to be adversely effected was the immune system, and as a result of this, individuals placed above an area of geopathic disturbance soon lost the ability to defend themselves against harmful bacteria that previously they were able to withstand. There was also a clear link with cancer in people that slept or worked above a Hartmann crossing point for lengthy periods of time. Dr. Hartmann stated that in 30 yeas of practice, he has not come across a patient with cancer or otherwise seriously ill – with the exception of disease caused by bacteria or virus infections – who has not slept or stayed for long periods in geopathically stressed places.
Dr. Otto Bergsmann
In 1989 Dr Hartmann’s theory was tested by a group of researches in Austria who completed a two-year study on the short-term consequences of human association with pathogenic sites. Some 985 people were tested and many measurements were recorded from 6,943 individual tests. Dr. Otto Bergsmann, internal medicine professor at the University of Vienna headed the working party. This study produced a 158 page report giving details of changes in the serum values of Serotonin, Zinc and Calcium after being exposed to these noxious fields for a period of ten minuets. There were also many other altered states to biological functions noted as a result of short term exposure to these forces.The research was conducted by a team of distinguished professors, doctors, engineers, scientists and dowsers. To test this hypothesis the research team used the services of three dowsers known for their expertise in locating earth energies. They were enlisted to independently dowse eight different locations and submit reports and diagrams of the strongest ‘Disturbed Zones’ (Geopathic Zones) found, together with a ‘Neutral Zone’ at the same location to enable them to carryout double blind experiments with volunteers at each selected location.

The dowsers found that the greatest pathogenic influences came from the movement of underground streams, Hartmann/ Curry global grid lines and geological fault lines. In order to rule out possible influences of man made electromagnetic or microwave disturbances at each location an independent report from an electromechanical engineer was requested for each chosen site.The medical-biological Investigations at both the ‘Disturbed Zones’ and the ‘Neutral Zones’ were standardised:
1.Investigations after 15 minutes stay on Neutral Zone.
2.Investigations after 15 minutes stay on the ‘Disturbed Zone’.
3. Investigations again after a further 15 minute stay on a Neutral Zone.
At present, these ‘Disturbed Zones’ can only be indicated by dowsers, with its presence being then verified with scientific instrumentation. Technology does not yet exist to do this the other way round; the dowser does not yet appear to be replaceable with scientific instrumentation.

Volunteers were sought to participate in these experiments. As a rule clinically healthy subjects between the ages of 20-35 years were screened. A number of these were rejected when illnesses (circulation interferences and infections) were discovered. Other participants were also used from the Outpatient’s Department for Physical Therapy in the Rehabilitation Centre, Grobming and from the Surgery of Dr. Korinek. The research programme was carried out between September 1987 and December 1988. None of the volunteers used were given information about the relative ‘Disturbed Zones’ and ‘Neutral Zones’

Research Results
The project involved the testing of 24 different biological parameters involving 985 trial volunteers in 6,943 investigations using 462, 421 individual measurements.
The test results were lined up by Biometric Significance and are valued with Serotonin alteration, Blood Corpuscle Decline Speed and Immunoglobulin deficiencies in lead position.

Serotonin decreased by a factor of 6 on the ‘Disturbed Zone’ whilst increasing its metabolism to advance Tryptophan in compensation. This reaction was highly significant.

The three Immunoglobulins that were examined; IgA, IgG, and IgM showed clear reactions on the geopathic zones. Immunoglobulin IgA showing the highest significant drop. These values later normalised when latter blood samples were analysed when the subjects were tested on the ‘neutral zone’.

Blood Sedimentation Speed: Blood corpuscle decline speed slowed down whilst on the ‘Disturbed Zone’

Conclusion of Vienna Report
The ‘Location Load Effect’ of the ‘Disturbed Zone’ on regulatory systems of the human organism is proved without doubt and raises the question of which substratum, subsystem or system the location dependant powers primarily attack. The research team concluded that there was no evidence to relate ‘Disturbed Zones’ to a specific illness but should be rather determined as a risk factor that can reinforce the effect of different pathogenic factors. ‘Geopathic Stress’ as a result of spending time above a ‘Disturbed Zone’ belongs to other similar risk factors such as Environmental Chemicals, Poisons & Pollutants, Malnutrition/Diet, Recreational Drugs, Alcohol, Psycho-social Stresses, Genetic Weaknesses, Electromagnetic Pollution. The term ‘Location Load’ is synonymous to ‘Geopathic Stress’ which more generally describes the phenomenon in both Great Britain and the United States. This group has now linked with two universities in Austria studying the effects of disturbed zones on the immune system. Indications thus far support the findings of Dr. Ernst Hartmann who claimed that the protective role of the immune system was undermined when immersed in emissions of detrimental earth radiation.

Dr. Veronika Carstens
In 1985 Dr. Veronika Carstens, wife of former German Federal President Karl Carstens, published a study stating that there were 700 cases documented worldwide where terminal cancer patients had regained their health without any conventional treatment after their sleeping area had been moved from a geopathic stress zone to one in which there was no detectable geopathic stress.

Barbara Tombarkiewicz
Reference: Series Zootechnica Vol. XXXIV 1996 PL ISSN 0065-0935 T.M. Janowski and Szarek . Polish Academy of Sciences June 1996
A doctoral thesis written by Barbara Tombarkiewicz under the supervision of Prof. Tomasz M Janowski concerning zones of geomagnetic field disturbances (magnetic anomalies) in Poland and the health of 309 cows kept in cow stalls in a building measuring 91 x 24 meters in area. Cows kept in three of these stalls suffered ill health problems over and above a ratio that might be normally expected. The problem was initially resolved by moving these unhealthy cows to other cow stalls in the complex where they recovered. However the healthy cows that were placed in these three cow stalls soon succumbed to ill health problems. It was decided to take measurements of the Earth’s geomagnetic fields in these cow stalls to see if the three pathogenic sites were caused by anomalies in the local geomagnetic field strength. The three cow stalls that were connect to ill health problems had magnetic anomalies exceeded 34.000nT (nano Tesla).
Hair and Blood Analysis showed that animals that stayed in the geopathogenic stalls showed lower counts of trace elements such as Aluminium, Zinc, Copper and low Iron counts.

One of the many factors behind incorrect iron balance is Cadmium. It accumulates in the body and combines permanently with tissues, and inhibits activity of some enzymes. It is teratogenic, carcinogenic, and is amongst the most toxic of metals. The report concluded that the microelement disorders in the animals staying in the geopathic stalls was the primary cause of the many diseases and even death of the organism. Blood tests especially leukocyte count and the amount of toxic metal found in hair analysis were also indications that the animals were suffering from the detrimental affects of long term exposure to these geopathogenic sites.

A disturbed geomagnetic field alters, among other things, the evolution-shaped permeability of cell membranes and the magnetic orientation of microelements. This can affect the whole plant or animal organism and thus the physiological status of the organism, the central nervous system and neuro-psychical phenomena. The influence of a disturbed geomagnetic field on the living organism is slow and cumulative in time and can cause dysfunction of the organism, but after it stops the dysfunction can regress. After several months the healthy cows were moved in to the geopathogenic stalls and were observed to undergo a reverse process as their hair turned gray, matted, and became poorly rooted in the skin.

Dr Hans Nieper, a widely respected cancer specialist, says in his book, ‘Revolution in Technology Medicine and Society’: “According to studies I have initiated, at least 92% of all the cancer patients I have examined have remained for long periods of time, especially in respect of their sleeping place, in geopathically stressed zones.” Cancer as a disease of location has now become widely accepted amongst cancer specialists in Germany and other European countries. On the advice of geobiologists patients regularly move their beds to safer positions where necessary. These investigations have also spread to other serious illnesses that have also been associated with these geopathic zones and many doctors and cancer specialists use the services of geobiologists to survey the houses of their patients.

Dr. Paul G. Seeger, Former Chief of Cancer Research, Charite` Hospital, Berlin, Germany said “No serious-minded criticism, be it ever so prejudiced, can afford to ignore proofs of the existence of pathogenic telluric influences. Hundreds of cancer institutes all over the world have spent billions without having found any convincing proof of cancer’s cause. Why has it not been possible to spend a few million of that huge sum for a thorough investigation of telluric radiation as a prime cause of cancer in human beings. Why has this newly discovered continent of knowledge not been applied to cancer prevention?”


How many lives and marriages could have been saved, how much suffering could have been avoided if the understanding of the importance of the influence of geopathic stress upon life on Earth was more widely recognised?

© Richard Creightmore 2007

For information about Richard’s services and courses please contact Land and Spirit.


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For further reading, professional geomancers and geobiologists, and practitioner training:
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  1. This is what I am talking about and have thought this for years!!! I live on an island…too much construction/deconstruction, natural imbalances and pollutions (all forms). When I went to the main land for an extended visit, most of the symptoms I experience were greatly relieved. Since my return, symptoms again have been slowly increasing, but I have been trying to get to places still left undisturbed in nature. I will be moving to a quiet place on the mainland. Thank you for this, the article is very well done and I will be sending the information out to others.

  2. How do I find a geomancer in the Noosa / Tewantin area 4565 Qld?
    I am interested in getting my property assessed and perhaps taking measures to improve the energy flows here.

  3. Amazing, thank you.
    This information is mindblowing and relates UNDOUBTEDLY to my wifes adv Breast cancer (2y mortality) a woman who has never smoked, drank, took any drugs and ate only organically.
    Note she also works in portacabin office with a network cupboard behind her with multiple routers etc and above her is a overhead power cable and either side are the wifi network recievers for whole caravan park Please please do you know of a reputable geostress accessor (geomancer) in the suffolk/essex borders?
    Thank you very much for this important info. Steve

    1. Hi Steve, Richard Creightmore, who authored this article, would be my best recommendation. Find him at

  4. The best information on Geopathic Stress I have read!

  5. We really feel we might need help – do you know if anyone in our area please? Many thanks

  6. Hi Yvonne,

    If you tell us your location we can see if we have anyone close to you. Please respond via email using the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page to keep things private.

  7. Hello I have been trying for ages online to find a map of ley lines in England, surely one exists?
    Do you know where I can find a map please?

    1. Hi Brian,
      Sadly, there is no such thing as a definitive map of leys in England, or elsewhere. There are several folks working in their own area, but people disagree on what constitutes a ley line, so it’s very difficult to get consensus. The Society of Leyhunters have a directory on their site, many of which are included in the Google Earth file on our other links page, but that’s the best we can offer.

  8. Hi, how can I check if my home is built on an harmful energy field?
    We’ve been living in this house for the past 11 years and I always felt there was something not quite right. We live in south east London, next to a railways, busy road etc…i watch a program on about experts who could come and visit your home to balance the energy…thank you for your help. Christelle

  9. Hi, how can I check if my home is built on an harmful energy field?
    We’ve been living in this house for the past 11 years and I always felt there was something not quite right. We live in south east London Uk, next to a railways, busy road etc…I watched a program on about experts who could come and visit your home to balance the energy…thank you for your help. Christelle

    1. Hi Christelle,
      You can book a consultation with one of our members. I think either Susie Shaw or Richard Creightmore are nearest to you. Find their details on our links page.

  10. Do you have anyone would can do assessments in Canberra?

    1. Hi Laura,
      Sorry, we do not have any members in Australia.

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