Of course, the distinction between sacred and secular space is a purely artificial one, as the First Nations peoples would argue that all the Earth is sacred and we are but custodians. We separate the categories simply to distinguish between those spaces that enhance our connection to the Divine, and the spaces in which we dwell and work day-to-day.

Some telluric (Earth) energies can be detrimental to humans and, indeed, to some animals, after prolonged exposure. In historical times, people were more aware of these energies and would generally not site buildings intended as homes or workplaces over them, unless they wished to harness, and work with, some particular type of energy.

This knowledge has largely been lost in our increasingly busy modern society, and as pressure for building land increases it is common to find buildings located over detrimental energies. Over time, these energies build up and may cause ‘sick building syndrome’, or geopathic stress as it is sometimes called.
Geopathic stress is not new. It’s been known about at least since the 1920′s when German scientist-dowsers started documenting ‘Krebshausen’ – houses with an unusually high incidence of cancer cases that they discovered were situated over geological fault lines. In very basic terms, it describes changes in the natural geomagnetic field of the earth caused by fault lines, mineral deposits, underground water flows, quarries, mine workings or other features. More subtle earth energy meridians – energy leys, geomagnetic grids and so on – also play their part, and nowadays we tend to include psychic disturbances under the general geopathic stress umbrella.

Prolonged exposure may cause suppression of the immune system, disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue and even more serious illnesses. Psychic disturbances like ghosts and poltergeists are also common at such sites. There are other factors to consider with existing buildings, like the shape of the rooms and emotions of the inhabitants and previous occupants, all of which can contribute to a build-up of sluggish and detrimental energy in the structure.

Using dowsing techniques, geomancers can detect and manipulate these telluric energies, and are often able to move or neutralise detrimental energy flows under buildings, restoring the natural balance to the area.

For a very in-depth look at this, see our article on Geopathic Stress.

Sacred healing circle with Buddha. Note the orbs.

Sacred healing circle with Buddha. Note unusual light effect. (Susie Shaw)

Modern geomancers also have to contend with the effects of electromagnetic pollution from power lines, mobile phone masts, cordless phones, Wi-Fi networks and the like, which many researchers agree contribute to ill-health in sensitive individuals.

For more details on this, see our article on Technopathic Stress. Most of our practitioners will include scientific instrumentation in their toolkits to measure levels of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation.

In a consultation the geomancer will first spend some time with the client, getting to know them and their problems, and assessing the property in question. Every practitioner has different methods, but a typical consultation might involve the client being asked to complete a detailed questionnaire in advance about the history of the building, the inhabitants, any symptoms experienced, and so forth. They may also be asked to supply a plan of the building showing the rough layout and major features such as the beds, windows etc. to allow the geomancer to ‘map-dowse’ the property in advance of the consultation. They may also be asked to spend some time thinking about how others perceive the building, and what sort of energy they want to attract into the space after treatment.

If a site visit is called for, the geomancer will look at the position of the building in relation to the surrounding landscape, and will dowse to ascertain the flows of underground water and energy flows around and through the structure. If it is found that any of these energy flows is detrimental to those living or working there, the geomancer can take steps to rectify these by either transmuting the detrimental energy or diverting the course of the flow. Care has to be taken, particularly in urban areas, that this does not adversely affect neighbouring buildings, but there are methods whereby the energy can just be neutralised as it passes through the property, without affecting other zones.

Before rectifying the earth energies however, some psychic detective work is involved to detect and release discarnates and entities. Energy leys tend to attract discarnate spirits and entities, especially the lowest astral forms. These can become trapped in buildings where there is disruption to the energy flow. They continue to draw energy, and sometimes can even ‘attach’ to the inhabitants of the building where they feed off the personal energy. Some entities can be very troublesome to remove and often when a geomancer gets a ‘call-back’, it is to deal with an entity or spirit that has not been willing to ‘move on’.

Water feature with Buddha (Sarah Birrell)

Water feature with Buddha (Sarah Birrell)

Once the remedial work is done, we can turn our attention to ‘space-clearing’ the building. Space clearing is a term describing various techniques of atmospheric realignment in a space. Some practitioners place more emphasis on this than others, but essentially it is common-sense spiritual hygiene. Each room of a building will be addressed individually, using dowsing and other techniques to locate stagnant and unwanted energies.

The energies of the space and the client are balanced and harmonised using various space clearing techniques such as smudging, sound, fire or water ceremonies and the like. This removes any lingering areas of stagnant energy, and the space should feel vibrant and lively afterwards and it may feel much easier to breathe.

At the conclusion of the treatment, which may well take more than one visit, the client may also be instructed in methods of retaining this clear energy. Perhaps they are left a small gift of flower essence spray that they can use to maintain the space, or some other device may be installed that will help to do the same; or perhaps are instructed in some basic spiritual discipline such as keeping a home altar. Every case is different, and the methods are tailored accordingly – for example, some practitioners place more emphasis on traditional feng-shui techniques.


Watch a consultation by Susie Shaw at Battersea Park Pump House Gallery:

Moving Home with intention and other life transitions

Cutting our ties and uprooting ourselves from one place to resettle somewhere else can be one of life’s most traumatic experiences. Other life transitions can be equally traumatic. Geomancy can help ease such transitions by energetically ‘closing’ the space when you leave through space-clearing and closure ceremonies, and a consultation on your new property will ensure that you are moving to a balanced and psychically ‘clean’ space, free from geopathic stress and other detrimental energies.


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