Shaun worked on the Big Green Gathering stone ring with Jon Martineau in 2005. He subsequently discovered (March 2007), using Google Earth, that these two sites are aligned and nearly perfectly centred on St. Michael’s tower on Glastonbury Tor. The Big Green Gathering circle is 10.82 miles from the Tor, and the Sunrise Wood Circle 10.25 miles. Often the Universe works with you even when you are not expecting it!

What are the chances of that?
Alignment from Sunrise Wood Circle to Glastonbury Tor to The Big Green Stone Circle.

The chance of two new sacred sites in different parts of Somerset on two unique festival sites connecting through the middle of Glastonbury TOR are quite astronomical. Even if it was planned it would be almost impossible to create, and yet this is exactly what has occurred. Far out!
Google Earth has a lot going for it. especially when it can be used to find alignments like the one opposite (click for larger picture).


It doesn’t end there either; beyond the Sunrise wood circle built in 2006 is St Michael’s Hill a very poky place and old hill fort. From sunrise to Glastonbury there is also Nap Hill. On the other side between the Tor and the Big Green Site there is Ebba Gorge and Priddy. The line unfortunately misses the Priddy Henges by 1/4 of a mile, but does go through a couple of burial mounds before reaching the BGG stone circle built in 2005.

This whole coincidence suggests that Gaia consciousness and/or the ancestors are influencing us in the creation of sacred space. And throws up the idea that the ancients were literally following their intuition and the spirit of the land as to where to place their monuments.

We can’t really project back into the minds of the megalith builders, but if we are tapping in to the same consciousness of the land, then we can continue their work and create more special places to heal the land and raise human consciousness on the planet.

If something is guiding those who build these sacred sites then it certainly is not conscious or planned in any way. This Coincidence (if there is such a thing) is like a message from the universe that is giving us the green light for what we are about. I find it uncanny that this line is linking two festivals with many of the same ideals and aims.

For us who live in community in fields for a few days each year it is a real boost to know that on some profound level we are being supported energetically in what we are doing – i.e. bringing about change for the future.

And maybe sacred is just sacred and the how it gets there by coincidence or design matters little to the planet, as long as it happens.

It has certainly given me the confidence that more sacred sites need to be created to replace the ones that have been lost, and also Wow factor that will last for quite a while. 🙂

Many Blessings,
Shaun Kirwan, Geomancer, Stone Circle Builder & Avalon Rising Coordinator.

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