200115 JulyChalice Well, Glastonbury. Initial discussion about forming the Group. (See minutes-20010715-Glastonbury)
19-23 SeptemberBeech Hill stones construction (first meeting of Group) – with Ivan McBeth. Maria Hayden, Grahame Gardner, Richard Creightmore, Paul Barnett, Shaun Ogborne, Susie Shaw, Sara Greenwood, Nicola Brighton, Jamie Mortimer (Anyone else…?)
Discussions about name of Group. Suggestions included ‘Circle of Geomancers’ (COG), ‘British Isles Geomancy Group’(BIGG) and ‘European Geomancy Group’ (EGG); but as everyone else had started referring to us as ‘The Geomancy Group’, we decided to stick with that.
27-28 October(Unofficial) Several members attend EEG meeting in Moulton, Northampton with Joey Korn, Billy Gawn, Arthur Bailey.
Present: Sarah, Brannie, Shaun O, Tony Hathway, Paul, Sara, Jamie, Grahame, Maria.
7-9 DecemberTownhill Farm, Dorset (John Bullock’s house) Teachers: Maria, Susie, Grahame.
Present: Maria, Susie, Grahame, Ali Northcott, John, Nicola Brighton, Richard, Brannie, Sarah B, MaryRose, Sara G? (Paul? Shaun? Jamie? Tony?)
Space-clearing & Ceremony. Susie & Maria did space-clearing, Grahame shared Middle Pillar Ritual (Ali recorded it), ceremony at John’s stone. Attended evening concert in Dorchester with John B singing in Rossini’s Petite Messe.
200219-21 AprilRoslin with Patrick MacManaway & Gordon Strachan. Communicating with Nature Spirits, GS treatments & Sacred Geometry.
Chapel Guide: Jim Munro
Present: Sarah B, Brannie, Grahame, Sara, John B, Sally Ann Smith, Susie, Maria, Jamie, Patrick.
Visited: Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin Glen, Castlelaw souterrain.
First probationer/guest – Barry Hoon
Roslin minutes
Roslin journal
5-7 JulyTownhill Farm (replacement for Cornwall)
Teacher: Paul Barnett
Present: Grahame, Paul, Shaun O, John B, Sara, Maria…?
Visited: Helstone dolmen, Hampton Down stone circle, Grey Mare and her Colts long barrow, (Long Man, Cerne Abbas?), St. Katherine’s Chapel.
Saturday night: Yellow Hat Buddhist Monks from Tashi Lumpo monastery concert
Guest: Elspeth Winkler (with GG, camped in garden)
10-12 SeptemberAdmin meeting (London) – Maria, Grahame, Sally, Susie.
London meeting minutes
4-6 October(Unofficial) Construction of Watcome Labyrinth, Dorset.
Present: Maria, Sally, Paul, John B, Sara.
25 OctoberAGM at Moulton, Northampton (Held during EEG weekend with Sue Davies, Catherine Howie, Roy & Ann Proctor, Christan Hummel, Nick Kollerstrom)
Present: Maria, Sally, Sig, Sara, John B, Paul, Susie, Sarah, Pam R…?
Ros proposed as new member. Sig’s first meeting. Paul’s last.
AGM minutes
200331 January – 2 FebruaryBrithdir Mawr – Teacher: Ros. Astrology, sweat lodge, mask making.
Present: Maria, Sara, Susie, MaryRose, Jamie, Grahame, Barry.
Visited: Brithdir stone circle…? (Grahame burnt leg in sweat lodge)
Probationers/guest: Ros, Oliver Perceval, Irene Gordon, Andi (cook)
25-27 AprilAvebury –Teachers: Patrick & Grahame. EMF’s sick houses, celestial mechanics & astronomy. Local guides: Pete Glastonbury & Gordon Rimes. The ‘Cove’ was being restored.
Present: Grahame, Ros, Maria, Sig, Karin, Sally, Susie, Tony (Friday only), Patrick, MaryRose, Brannie, Oli, Sarah B, Sara G, John B, Barry, Shaun O, Richard.
Jon Appleton ‘discovers’ us at the Sanctuary and joins us for part of the weekend.
Visited: Circles, Avenue, Sanctuary, West Kennet, Swallowhead Spring.
Barry’s initiation at Swallowhead Spring.
Meeting minutes
11-13 JulyBeech Hill – Teachers: Palden Jenkins with Richard & Julie. Astrology, Cycles of Time, Geopathic Stress, labyrinths, grids.
Present: Maria, Grahame, MaryRose, Richard, Julie, Barry, Oliver, Sig, Patrick, Sara, Brannie, Susie, Sally.
Visited:…the local area
Probationer/guests: Jon Appleton, Ann Harris, Karin Lonegren.
Jon’s Great Sky Goddess. QiGong in the stones.
24-26 OctoberAGM, Glastonbury
Visited: Tor, Chalice Well, Gog & Magog..?
Present: Grahame, Maria, Sally, Susie, Barry, Ros, Sig, Karin, Patrick, Maryrose.
Palden did the most appalling catering!
AGM minutes
200430 January – 1 FebruaryGreen Park, Aston Clinton. Teacher: Ivan McBeth. Theme: Air
Present: Maria, Maryrose, Patrick, Grahame, Sara, Ros, Oliver, Sally, Susie.
Visited: Local woods on Rothschild estate.
Guest: Dr. Ann Harris (elects not to join Group)
Ros & Oliver’s initiations. Ivan’s Dance of Life.
22-25 AprilTrecastle, Wales – Teacher: Ivan McBeth. Theme: Earth
Present: Grahame, Maria, Barry, Patrick, Maryrose, Ros, Sara, Sally, Susie, Sig, Karin, Jon.
Visited: Black Mountain sites, Carreg Cennen, created a ‘human stone circle’, Dance of Life, saw red kites feeding.
Probationer/guest: Shaun Kirwan
Meeting minutes
23-25 JulyTrecastle – the Bunkhouse. Maria’s ‘resignation’ letter, Jon’s ‘Stargate’ analysis, Patrick gifts the Group Quaich, and Saturday was Ros’ 50th birthday at Elfane.
Theme: Fire
Visited: Elfane for the party!
Present: Grahame, Barry, Sig, Maryrose, Susie, Sally, Jon.
Guest: Elspeth Winkler
Meeting minutes
22-30 OctoberAlford, Aberdeenshire – first week-long event
Present: Grahame, Ros, Barry, Maria, Maryrose, Jon, Oliver.
Probationer: Jon Appleton.
Teachers: Geo, Dave (& baby Thea) Trevarthen. Celtic shamanism.
Local guide: Jason Schroeder. Met Allan Brownie.
24 sites visited during the week, including side trip to Clava Cairns (Grahame, Jon, Maryrose).
AGM minutes
200530 January – 1 FebruaryBove Town, Glastonbury. Facilitators: Sig & Karin.
Present: Maria, MaryRose, Patrick, Sara, Susie, Barry, Shaun K.
Visited: Snowdrop Valley, Bride’s Mound…?
Guests: Ivan McBeth, Palden Jenkins, Sue Barnet.
29 April – 1 MayBeech Hill – Teachers: Richard & Julie. Earth energies & Earth acupuncture.
Present: Maria, Grahame, Susie, Sig, Barry, Brannie, Sarah B, Patrick, Richard, Ivan, Maryrose.
Visited: Sites in the Ashdown Forest. Morris dancing at dawn. I think this was the one where we sanctioned Barry for ethical breaches.
29-31 July(cancelled)
28-30 OctoberPeak District hostel. Fireworks at Alton Towers.
Present: Grahame, Ros, Barry, Jon, Susie, Sally, Maryrose.
Visited: Nine Ladies, Nine Stanes, Doll Tor, Row Tor, Arbor Low, Thor’s Cave.
Jon Appleton’s initiation in the woods.
Derbyshire journal
200627-29 JanuaryBristol area. Teacher: Patrick?
Present: Grahame, Maria, Patrick, Barry, Shaun K, Susie, (Sig?)…?
Visited: Stanton Drew, Snowdrop Valley…
Shaun Kirwan’s initiation in temporary labyrinth.
4-11 June(unofficial) Callanish, Isle of Lewis – lunar standstill.
Visited: many of the Callanish sites, Bride’s well, St. Clement’s church in Rodel, Loch Seaforth stone circle. Jill Smith talk in Habost.
Present: Grahame, (Elspeth, Keiko), Ros, Maryrose, Richard, Julie, Jon A…?
15-17 SeptemberMeeting at BSD Congress Northampton.
Present: Grahame, Sig, Karin, Susie, Maryrose, Maria, Patrick, Brannie, Richard.
Discussed various issues relating to moving the Group towards becoming more of a professional body, affiliating to BSD, or having a separate professional sub-group, but no consensus reached.
Meeting minutes
3-5 NovemberAGM at Trecastle
Present: Ros, Jon, Maryrose, Sara, Richard, Julie.
Visited Trecastle Mountain circles.
Julie Rocka entered as probationer.
AGM minutes
200722 FebruaryBove Town, Glastonbury
Present: Ros, Grahame, Richard, Sig, Karin, Branwen, Sarah, Patrick, Susie, Shaun K.
Meeting minutes
25-28 MayBeech Hill
Present: Grahame, Richard, Julie, Maryrose, Sara, Brannie, Jon, Sig & Karin (Sunday only).
Discussed proposals for creating professional geomancers’ register.
Visited: Long Man of Wilmington, Beachy Head…?
Meeting minutes
9-11 NovemberAGM Trecastle
Present: Grahame, Ros, …?
Guest: Will Secretan(?)
(No minutes available)
2008JuneIsle of Man (cancelled)
4-5 NovemberAGM Beech Hill
Present: Maria, Grahame, Ros, Sarah B, Brannie, Susie, Shaun, Richard, Julie.
Guest: Will Secretan
Visited: Lewes fireworks…?
Celebration of Maryrose’s life.
AGM minutes
200920-22 FebruaryMalvern area.
Present: Grahame, Sara, Sig, Brannie, Susie.
Visited: Kilpeck, Knowlton, Garway church.
Probationer/guest: Robert Reid
16-18 OctoberAGM – Milton of Collace, Perthshire (Robert Reid)
Present: Grahame, Patrick, Ros, Sara, Susie, Richard, Julie, Sarah B, Brannie.
Visited: Dunsinnan, Bandirran circles, MacBeths’ Law.
Guest speaker: Brian Adams
Probationer: Giulia Holland
AGM minutes
201019-22 MarchIsle of Man
Present: Patrick, Giulia, Sarah, Brannie, Sara, Sig, Richard & Jewels….?
Visited: ?
Local Guide: Brian Beattie (?)
15-18 OctoberAGM – Staveley, Lake District.
Present: Grahame, Ros, Jon, Sig, Patrick, Giulia, Sara.
 Visited: Castlerigg, Long Meg, Little Meg, Swinside, Holker Hall labyrinth.
Probationers/guests: John & Jill Moss
AGM minutes
201111-13 MarchYnys Castell, Anglesey.
Present: Grahame, Patrick, Ros, Brannie, Jon, Sara, Sig.
Visited: Brynn Celli Dhu, Bodowyr dolmen and church, Barclodiad y Gawres, Ty Newedd, Din Lligwy dolmen & settlement.
Giulia’s initiation in the garden with green fire!
Anglesey journal
14-16 OctoberAGM – Cornwall.
Present: Grahame, Patrick, Giulia, Sara, Sig, Karin, Ros, Jon.
Visited: Hamish’s garden, Trencrom Hill, Merry Maidens, Lanyon Quoit, Zennor Quoit, Boscawen-un, Sancreed, Madron &(?) Holy wells…
Local guides: John & Jill Moss, Ba Miller.
AGM minutes
201227-30 AprilKilmartin.
Present: Grahame, Sig, Patrick, Giulia, Sara, Ros.
Visited: Kilmartin glen, Achnabreck cup & ring marks, Dunadd hill fort, Crinan beach.
John & Jill’s initiation in Templewood stone circle with temporary string & moving people labyrinth.
Probationers/guests: Kiarna Boyd, Joanne Danby, Fay Palmer
26-28 OctoberAGM – Elfane, W. Wales
Present: Sara G, Fay, Kiarna, Ros, Brannie, Patrick,  Giulia.
AGM minutes
201310-13 MayAvebury.
Present: Grahame, Patrick, Sig, Jon, Joanne, Fay, Susie, Sara, Shaun, Kiarna, Richard, Julie, John & Jill.
Visited: Circles, Avenue, Sanctuary, West Kennet, Swallowhead, Sig’s Tump, Furze Knoll.
27-30 SeptemberDartmoor.
Present: Grahame, John & Jill, Richard, Julie, Fay, Patrick, Giulia, Sig, Ros, Shaun.
Visited: Brent Tor, Lydford Gorge & Castle, Merrivale Stone Rows, Wistman’s Wood…?
Local guide: Annie Holland
Fay’s initiation in Wistman’s Wood.
201426 April – 3 MayIona – week-long retreat
Present: Grahame, Patrick, Giulia, Richard, Julie, Ros, Jon, Sig, Karin, Sara, Kiarna.
Visited: Abbey, Nunnery, Dun I, Staffa, Lochbuie circle & sea eagles (Mull), Iona labyrinth, several beaches, yacht trip.
Kiarna’s initiation on beach.
Meeting minutes – part 1
Meeting minutes – part 2
10-13 OctoberAGM. Burton Manor Farm, Bakewell, Peak District
Present: Sara, Ros, Patrick, Giulia, John, Jill, Brannie, Jon…..?
Visited: Arbor Low, Gib Hill, Nine Ladies, Dove Holes, St. Ann’s Well Buxton, Bull Ring Henge, Ashford, River Wye.
Peak District Fair at the Pavilion.
AGM minutes
201524-27 AprilDorset. Cancelled due to lack of interest/availability
16-19 OctoberBGM. Crymych, South Pembrokeshire.
Present: Ros, Richard & Jewels, Sara.
BGM minutes
201630 April – 6 MayOrkney (Burray) – week-long adventure.
Present: Patrick, Giulia, Grahame, Sara, John & Jill Moss, Jon, Ros, Richard & Jewels.
Visited: Tomb of the Eagles, Maes Howe, Stenness, Barnhouse, Brodgar, Unstan, Stromness museum, Skara Brae, Brough of Birsay, Broch of Gurness, Italian Chapel, Earl’s Bu & Heritage Centre, Mine Howe, Cuween Hill, Wideford Hill, Rennebister Souterrain, Kirkwall Cathedral (poppies!); (on Rousay) – Taversoe Tuick, Blackhammer, Midhowe chambered cairn & broch.
Orkney picture journal
23 SeptemberIvan McBeth passes.
7-9 OctoberForest of Dean
Present: Grahame, John & Jill, Ros, Jon, Richard & Jewels, Fay, Patrick (Sun.), Giulia, Barry.
Guests: Sean Ferris & Martin (Fay’s brother)
Visited: Trellech, The Virtuous Well, Puzzlewood, Harold’s Stones, Symond’s Yat hillfort…
201721-23 AprilRadnor forest
Present: Sig & Karin, Grahame, Patrick, Ros, John & Jill, Brannie, Sara, Barry, Fay.
Visited: Mitchell’s Fold, Old Radnor church, Radnor Four Stones, St. Mary’s Well Pilleth, Spaceguard Centre (modern stone ring), Cascob St Michael’s church, St. Michael’s Discoed, The Hoarstones…
27-29 OctoberBGM – Mindrum (Scottish Borders)
Present: Richard & Jewels, Ros, Patrick & Giulia, Grahame, Kiarna, Brannie, Sarah, Barry.
Visited: Bamburgh Castle, Lindisfarne, Hethpool stone circles, Kelso Abbey and Roxburgh castle, confluence of the Tweed and Teviot rivers.
BGM minutes
201813-16 AprilBodmin
Present: John & Jill Moss, Patrick & Giulia, Brannie, Barry, Ros, Grahame, Jon Appleton, Sara G, Susie.
Special Guest: Diana Griffith.
Accommodation: Mennabroom farm cottages, Warleggan.
Visited: St Neot’s church (sculptured stones) and Holy Well, King Doniert’s Stone, St Cleer Holy Well, Trevethy Quoit, The Hurlers, Cheesewring and Stowe’s Pound (PM, GH, GG only); Temple St Catherine’s Church, Trezance Holy Well, Trippet Stones. Jon’s car died.
Meeting notes
5-8 OctoberBunranoch House, Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire
Present: Ros, Grahame, Richard & Jewels, Sig & Karin, John & Jill, Brannie, Patrick, Giulia. Sarah Birrell’s flight was cancelled so she didn’t come.
Guests: Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare.
Visited: Carse Farm 4-poster, Castle Menzies/St David’s Well, Lundin Farm 4-posters, St Mary’s Church, Grandtully, The Hermitage; Fortingall circles & yew, Glen Lyon, Kinnell stone circle, Crannog Centre, Croftmoraig stone circle.
201921-24 MarchThe Auction House, Criccieth, N. Wales.
Present: Grahame, Ros, Giulia, Barry, Sarah B. Richard & Jewels. John & Jill cancelled at last minute.
Visited: (dolmens) Cefn Isaf, Mynydd Cefn Amlwch, Llech y Doll, Maen Melyn, Fynnon Fair, (well) Rhyd Y Gwystl; Moel Goedog circles, Harlech Castle, Dyffryn Ardudwy. Cors y Gedol
Friday 13 SeptemberMaria Hayden passes.
20-22 SeptemberNorton Ferris, Wiltshire – BGM
Present: Grahame, Ros, Barry, Sara, Susie, Jon, Richard & Jewels
Guest: Anna Cavill (friend of Ros & Jon)
Visited: Stoney Littleton long barrow, Alton Priors springs (source of R. Avon) and All Saints Church (sarsens in the floor!), Stourhead house and gardens (Stourhead House was the model for Lady Penelope’s manor in the new Thunderbirds are Go!).
BGM minutes
202030 March- 3 AprilAlbion House, Castle Douglas, Dumfries (cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown)