Constitutional guidelines (aka “The Code”)

APPROVED AT BGM SAMHAIN 2017 – subsequent proposed additions in red italic

These guidelines have been compiled from minutes of previous meetings and discussions over the years.


  • The Group identity is established “as a forum for the study, practice, discussion and promotion of geomancy and geomantic awareness”.
  • For administration purposes, the Group shall maintain a committee comprising Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The main membership benefits of the Group are: Peer support, Client referrals, CPD, Stimulating meetings and Appreciation of fine whisky.
  • The Group does not wish to become a constituted professional body because of general hassle and desire to keep ‘under the radar’.
  • We are a circle of peers and not a mentoring group.
  • All members are requested to contribute two hours (at minimum) of skill-sharing sessions at a Group gathering (not necessarily at one Gathering!), as CPD is key to advancing members’ skills.
  • Members should consider lodging their funeral plans with the Group if they would like any Group involvement with the ceremony or other arrangements.


  • Membership of the Group is offered by invitation only.
  • In principle there are 4 nominal (unstated) membership categories – Core (those who were part of the original class in Glastonbury who are Life members unless they self-elect to opt out of the Group), General Members, Probationers, and Dormant.
  • Members in breach of the ethical code shall be heard in closed session by their peers and will abide by any judgement made.
  • Members who have not paid subscriptions for 2 years and/or missed 4 meetings will be classed as ‘Dormant’ and shall receive a letter asking if they wish to remain as members.

Subscriptions & Finances

  • Annual subscriptions are set at Group GMs, currently £20 for full members.
  • Probationary members should pay a reduced subscription of £10 until they become full members.
  • A cut-off point should be established for non-renewing members after the following year’s Autumn Planning Meeting if they have not paid subscriptions by the spring meeting. Their membership shall be regarded as ‘dormant’ and they shall be removed from website listings and client referrals until the situation is resolved.
  • The Treasurer shall endeavour to maintain a minimum bank balance of £1,500 to facilitate venue deposits.


  • The Group shall endeavour to formally meet up at least twice a year.
  • Meetings are usually arranged close to (but not on) the cross-quarter days, equinoxes, or solstices (the Group acknowledges that members often have other commitments on those days).
  • Responsibility for organising meetings shall be shared amongst various Group members.
  • Members are expected to attend at least one meeting per year apart from exceptional circumstances.
  • Full members are requested to make every effort to attend Samhain Biennial Gathering Meetings (BGMs) as that is the time to focus on energy building and the way ahead.
  • At the discretion of the Chair and committee, the Group is open to offering limited financial support as required to assist anyone suffering financial difficulties to attend meetings.
  • Everyone is responsible for maintaining their own energy at meetings.
  • Dormant members shall not receive priority when booking accommodations.
  • Accommodation deposits must be paid by the cut-off date specified by the Treasurer otherwise you will not be guaranteed a space at meetings.
  • Once the balance of the rental for accommodation has been paid, every attendee is expected to commit to attend the event and shall not be eligible for a refund, except at the discretion of the Chair and committee.

Biennial (General) Meetings

  • We shall hold a Biennial General Meeting at Samhain (or closest meeting to), with Planning Meetings held in between to decide on venues for the year ahead.
  • Group funds may be used to subsidise payment on venue for Samhain BGMs.
  • Where necessary, the Group should endeavour to implement email voting for those who cannot attend BGMs.
  • Guests shall not be invited to a BGM meeting.
  • Probationers may be invited to a BGM if they have completed the probationary period and are due for initiation.


  • The Group is open to having one or two other practitioners, speakers etc. along as ‘Guests’ at designated ‘open’ meetings, subject to approval by the Group.
  • Guest invitations – if any members present when a guest is suggested are not happy with that person, then said guest shall not be invited as it would spoil the Group dynamic.
  • The Chair shall have final veto on any guest requests.
  • Guest practitioners may be asked to offer some sort of skill-share or teaching session (‘sing for their supper’) at their first meeting.
  • The Group shall endeavour to maintain an informal list of prospective guests who may be asked along to a meeting without necessarily inviting membership (e.g. speakers etc.)

Probationers and new members

  • The Group is open to accepting new practitioner members by invitation.
  • Probationary members need to provide evidence of competence, e.g. by providing a biography and/or CV or offering a skill-sharing session at their first meeting; agree to adhere to the Ethical Code and be sponsored by at least one Group member who assumes responsibility for them.
  • No more than 2 probationers are to be entered per year.
  • Prospective members will be invited to initially attend a meeting as a Guest.
  • A Secret Ballot should be held after this first Guest weekend to see if everyone is in agreement about inviting them again. Agreement must be unanimous.
  • The prospective member then enters a Probationary period of (at minimum) a year and a day, during which they must attend at least a further 2 meetings following their initial Guest attendance, after which the probationer is eligible for full membership of the Group.
  • A Secret Ballot of all Group members should be held after completion of the probationary period to decide if they should be admitted to the Group. If all in agreement, an initiation ceremony would be enacted at the Probationer’s next meeting, the form of said ceremony to be determined by those present.
  • The Chair shall be responsible for organising any secret ballots as required.
  • A medicine pouch will be provided for each new initiate and attending Members should donate something from their own pouches to provide energetic continuity.
  • Probationers who have not attended 4 consecutive meetings shall be classed as Dormant and will have to re-apply as Guests.

Group relics

  • The sacred Quaich shall be the responsibility of a duly appointed member who will definitely be attending the next meeting. If they are unable to attend, they must do their utmost to ensure that the Quaich is passed in good time to someone who will be attending.
  • The Golden Rule shall be awarded on an ad-hoc basis to members for outstanding geomancy work or service to the Group. Receivers of the Golden Rule must enhance it in some way before passing it on.
  • Members who withdraw from the group for whatever reason must return any Group relics or property, including medicine pouches.