Dr. Patrick MacManaway International practitioner and consultant on all things geomantic.

Sig Lonegren Mid Atlantic Geomancy. Sig’s site covers all aspects of Geomancy. Great resource.

Karin Schlüter Lonegren EnergySoma Alignment practitioner.

Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka Land and Spirit. Geomancy courses in Australia and UK, onsite and remote consultations and water divining.

Susie Shaw Psychic cleaner, Feng-shui and healing.

Grahame Gardner Western Geomancy. Dowsing and geomancy in the modern European Tradition. Geopathic and Technopathic consultations.
International Dowsers (with Susan Collins) Combining the best European and North American dowsing traditions.

Ros Briagha Ceremony and Divination.

Sara Greenwood Vibrant Earth. Environmental healing and Forest Bathing.

Jon Appleton Megalithic Insights. Sky, landscape, megaliths.. a repository of ideas.

Barry Hoon Hoonology. Quantum Mind Mirrors and the Vertical Oracle

Giulia Holland Health Kiniesiology.

Jill Moss Penwith Press. Books on dowsing and related subjects, and suppliers of the original Hamish Miller maps of the Michael & Mary line.

John Moss Dowsing Place. offers dowsing services, training and tours in Cornwall.

Swirling in the Heavens:

Maryrose Price 1939-2008
Shaun Ogborne 1965-2011

Ivan McBeth 1953-2016
Maria Hayden 1964-2019
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