In the larger context of working in the landscape, geomancy can be a very powerful force, for good or ill. The ethical repercussions and karmic implications of such large-scale work can be enormous, and it should only be undertaken with clear and present permissions on all levels, both physical and metaphysical.
When employed in an agricultural situation, geomancy can be a potent influence on growth of crops, whether on the farm, garden centre, allotment or even window-box. From A P Tabraham’s experiments in the Scilly Isles at bringing tulip crops to maturity earlier in the season by drawing pentagons around the crop, to more modern trials with ‘orgonite’ pucks, ‘blessing’ the crops, and other techniques; many geomancers have had measurable success in this area, and in the fields of permaculture and organic farming such enhancements to crop yield are welcome.

Here we share some articles on working with the land:

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