Events & Courses

Several of our members run independent training courses and events from time to time and these will be listed here. Many were also Registered Tutors with the British Society of Dowsers (before they cancelled their tutor register), who offer a range of dowsing courses covering archaeology, water divining, dowsing for health, and earth energies. Courses range from complete beginner to advanced practitioner level. Click here to go to the BSD website.

Land & Spirit

Members Richard Creightmore and Julie Rocka offer regular courses in Feng Shui, Geomancy, Earth Healing and Psychic Healing. They are located near Nutley in East Sussex. Check link above for schedules.

Ros Briagha

Member Ros Briagha offers one-on-one and group training in a variety of esoteric arts as well as holding regular events like sweat lodges from a base in West Wales

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

Sig Lonegren in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands offers personalised training workshops for individuals or small groups on dowsing, labyrinths and other aspects of geomancy.

Giulia Holland Associates

Giulia offers various courses and workshops in the Stroud area.

Dowsing & Geomancy Courses in Scotland

Dowsing and geomancy courses with former BSD Tutor Grahame Gardner.

Dowsing Courses in Cornwall

Member and former BSD Tutor John Moss offers a range of dowsing courses in south-west Cornwall.

Green Mountain Druid Order

Druid training in Vermont, USA with Fearn Lickfield.