The Geomancy Group is an association of practising geomancers and other like-minded folk, primarily UK-based although we do have a small number of members in North America. We come from all walks of life, and consequently have a wide range of abilities to draw on and include in our geomantic work.

The Group exists as a forum for the study, practice, discussion and promotion of geomancy and geomantic awareness, and advocates strict standards of professional geomantic conduct.

We are an energetically close-knit group and consequently do not have an open membership policy. Membership is by invitation only; applicants are sponsored by another Group member and undergo a probationary period before attaining full membership.

Although individual members run their own practices, we do work together on larger projects from time to time; and if a particular commission would be better served by the skills of another Group member, the client may be referred to them for additional consultation.


Burlington Earth Clock

Samhain sunset over Lake Champlain – The Burlington Earth Clock


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